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Not looking for a formal flight school? Excited by the flying but dreading everything that comes with it? We know how you feel.

Here at Pilot’s Paradise we think training shouldn’t be a chore, but an adventure. That’s why we’re based in the best flying destination in the world: Florida.

Why sit through boring group lectures, or hear the same information you’ve heard a thousand times, when our world-class instructors are personalised to you and flexible to your schedule, so you can get the hours building you need and the qualifications you want at a pace that’s right for you. With no approach or landing fees in the US, and no visa requirements, training has never been more convenient.

And after a day working towards your goal? Take it easy by the beach with fantastic food, play a few rounds of golf, go shopping in the malls or even visit Disneyland. You could even bring your family, and let them have the time of their lives whilst you get the training you want, the way you want it.

If this sounds like paradise to you, then contact us now at flying@pilots-paradise.com Call USA: 772-589-0800 Call UK: +44(0)7740922316 with the Flight Training you need and we’ll take you through the rest.

Do it a different way, do it the better way, train with Pilot’s Paradise. See below for all that we can offer.

Qualification Days Flight Hrs Requirements Notes
EASA IR(R) /IMC 10 15 + 1.5(test) EASA PPL 10 days in the sun and you can get your Instrument rating. Fast, effective and fun with no approach or landing fees, no visa requirement and nothing to do once back in the UK/EU.

(IR(R)/IMC Add-on)

14 25 + 1.5(test) 1. EASA PPL

2. IR(R)/IMC

Advanced instrument flying in half the time. Cost effective and Convenient.

If you have some IR time already and want to upgrade to full ICAO IR that can be used around the world this is for you.

This gives you the full 40 hours ICAO IR requirement when added to an IR(R) and only requires 1 straight forward written exam. EASY!

EASA IR (not provided by us) A/R A/R 1. EASA PPL


IMC and FAA IR add-on complete?

With an FAA IR and 50 hours PIC of instrument flying you are now exempt the 7 written EASA IR exams, PHEW!

You only need to complete a flight test and oral exam in EASA airspace to get the EASA IR.

Don’t have the 50 hours PIC IR time? No problem, in 2 weeks get 50 IR time whilst having a flying holiday with us. Just file IFR everytime, easy. Or do this back home in your own time. Or complete 10 hours training with a European ATO instead of the 50 hours IR PIC time requirement.

FAA IR from scratch. 28 40 + 1.5(test) PPL This can be added to an FAA or EASA licence from scratch with no previous IR training.
Discover Flying 1 1 None Interested in learning to fly? Come take to the skies with us and see what all the fuss is about.
FAA PPL 28 40 None Want to become a pilot? Do it in the fastest, funnest and most cost-effective way at your local airfield (Sebastian, FL). European pilots, get your PPL in the sun and convert it to an EASA PPL hassle-free.
SEP Revalidation Holiday 7 12 PPL Coming up to expiry and don’t have enough hours? Let us get you back up to speed with 12 hours in a week or tailored to suit you.
Flight Review 1 2 FAA PPL Why make it a chore, why not make it fun and build a relationship with our instructor and improve your skills at the same time. Required every 2 years.
Instrument Proficiency Check 1 2 1. FAA PPL

2. Due an IR renewal.

Refine those delicate skills and learn some new ones while shooting some local approaches. Required every year.

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What are you waiting for? ~ Chris


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