USA Flying Holidays – Adventures for the Private Pilot.

If you’re a private pilot, then this is your paradise. You have the licence; it’s time to see what it can do. Florida and The Keys have the best fly-in destinations in the world, but your Flying Holiday doesn’t have to stop there.


The adventure only stops when you want to. The Florida Keys, the Bahamas and the wider USA are waiting to be uncovered – we’re here to help you do it.

We’ll give you what you need. If you want to brush up on your skills, build up your hours or get tips on how to fly to any destination, then we can provide world class Flight Training including FAA and EASA instrument instruction.

We want to help you sharpen your skills as well as broaden your horizons. Of course, you can always just take the plane and go.

From our FBO in Sebastian Airport, Florida, Pilots Paradise provides Air Charter, Aircraft Rental, Flying Holidays, Flight Instruction, Hour Building, Fuel, Maintenance and Tie Downs.

So for all your General Aviation needs whether you are local to the Treasure Coast, a snow bird or one of our European friends who needs an FAA licence, come a visit our friendly staff today. You think about where you want to go, we’ll take care of everything else.

If you want a step by step route, we are the local experts. If you just want the plane, some fuel and a place to lie down, we’ll give you the keys.

From a week to a month, with world class instruction, a base to stay and a map to follow, Pilot’s Paradise has everything you need to fly in the best flying destination in the world.

Come fly with Pilots Paradise, and see the horizon like you’ve never seen it before.

Go Explore…..