Fly to The Keys

We will show you how with a great plan…

Use our aircraft like a hire car and fly to the most spectacular fly-in destinations in the world. Relax on the white sand of the Keys and get ready for your next exciting leg – a low level Miami Beach fly past. 

Sunday – Day 1 – Licence Verification, Ground School and Aircraft Check-out. (2 hrs)

Arrive on Saturday at Orlando (1 hour north of us) or Miami (3 hours south of us), hire a car from the airport with Enterprise, stay locally to Sebastian, relax and we will see you on the Sunday. Arrive at the FBO Sunday morning and we will take you to get your FAA licence sorted, give you some ‘how to fly in the USA’ ground school and compete the check flight. Stay again locally and arrange a one way hire car pick up from our FBO with enterprise.

Monday – Day 2 – Sebastian to Okeechobee to Venice Beach (1.8 Hrs)

With the check completed you are cleared solo in the USA! A nice simple cross country flight west to Okeechobee for a fly-in breakfast or lunch. Then onto Venice Beach for a way to build your confidence. After landing get a free shuttle to the Beach and Shary’s Pier Restaurant. Take a stroll along the sand or have a swim before finding a local hotel to stay in. (See google map for suggestions)

Tuesday – Day 3 – Venice Beach to Everglades Airport (1.3 Hrs)

From the Beach to the Swamp. Everglades is a world away with a dramatic watery surrounded runway. Park up and head to the unmanned control tower, use the phone to call the local hotels who will come and pick you up. The locals eat gator burgers, frogs legs and conch fresh from the swamp. Try and squeeze an airboat ride in if you are a thrill seeker or a canoe tour of the national park with its amazing wildlife and overhanging trees. The local hotels have lots of info on this and see the map above for details.

Wednesday – Day 4 – Everglades to Key West  (1.2 Hrs)

A simple water crossing that can be concurred by climbing high with the coast guard based at your destination for piece of mind. Key West is a controlled tower and as a destination is absolutely stunning. You can hire mopeds, golf buggies and cars from the FBO here and make your way around the fantastic harbours, beaches and restaurants that make Key West. Boat trips are plentiful as they hunt for dolphins and manatee in the crystal blue water. The night life is fantastic, hence a day off might be in order.

Thursday – Day 5 – Key West layover or a night in Marathon (0.5hrs)

The day is yours! Beach day, boat trip, drive or motorbike the 7 mile bridge linking the islands, just before you fly it maybe?! Marathon offers the turtle hospital or the dolphin research centre for wildlife lovers as well as Scuba, Snorkelling and fishing are all available! So it is up to you, stay in Key West for another night or head for Marathon which offers another sample of the Keys way of life. If you don’t fancy staying or visiting Marathon then just fly overhead on your way to Fort Lauderdale.

Friday – Day 6 – Key West/Marathon to Fort Lauderdale Executive (1.8 Hrs) – Low Level Miami Beach Run

Now this is a flying must. Approaching from the south, call Miami centre who will clear you to enter controlled airspace along the beach. You have the choice to fly at 2500ft or 500ft 1 nm out to sea. I would recommend 500ft, flying below the Miami skyline of South Beach and under the airlines, all the way up the coast with the safety of the long never ending beach beside you at all times. Drop into Fort Lauderdale Executive Aiport for a must see visit to the Banyan Pilot shop on the airfield. Stay in Fort Lauderdale or catch the Tri-Rail to Miami for the night, only an hour and a half south on the train.

Saturday – Day 7 – Fort Lauderdale Executive – Sebastian (1.4 Hrs)

A straight forward run home at the end of your big adventure. Run along the coast or straight line it home to Sebastian. You will wish it could never end!

Total:  10 Hrs Flying