Adventure Couples

Have an adventure of a life time. Go and explore with a partner, friend or solo!

Jamie“What an amazing experience renting a plane from Pilots Paradise – N8441H Piper Archer took my fiance and myself across USA from Fort Pierce to El Paso Texas, up to Sedona Arizona and back through San Antonio, New Orleans, Pensacola and St Augustine.” Anna and Rohan.


We are one of the very few companies to provide this facility with no booking out or sharing – the aircraft is all yours. You are free to explore as you want and stay down-route as you wish.

Use your aircraft like a hire car and fly to the beaches, fly-in restaurants and Florida Attractions. For non-flying activities and partners there is private pool access for sun bathing, a golf resort, shopping, beauty salons and fine dining all in Sebastian which is 5 minutes drive away from the Villa home. So whether you love flying or not there is something for everyone.

Example 1 week package includes:

  • 7 hours (dry) exclusive PA-28 Warrior use (Extra hours only $70/hr dry).
  • Pilot Check-out (2 of your 7 hours).
  • Villa with private pool in our 3 bedroom house minutes from the Airport and Sebastian (if required).
  • ‘How to Fly in the USA’ brief.
  • Instructor support.
  • Access to our FBO facilities.
  • Tie Down Costs

Separate costs:

  • Fuel approx. $25-30/hr (paid en-route).
  • Insurance $330 (paid before arrival lasts for 6 months).

Additional costs

  • FAA examiner sign-off – $50 cash (if you require a new FAA licence).
  • Extra hours $70/hr dry (+ 7% local tax on extra hours outside of original package).
  • PA28 180 Archer upgrade – $15/hr.
  • Food – Flights to USA – Hire car.

Pilot requirements

  • Hold an FAA licence (Plastic Card) OR FAA verification letter.
  • Be current on a PA-28.
  • Be insured.
  • Have a check out with our instructor (included).
  • Have grass strip experience.

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