Aircraft Rental

We have two rental models. 

  1. The Flying Holiday Rental Model
  2. The Traditional School Rental Model

The models explained:

1. The Flying Holiday Rental model. You want to have exclusive use of the aircraft for a period of time where the aircraft is all yours, there is no booking out or sharing and you can keep the aircraft where you like and explore where you want on a dry rate. Buy your fuel else where and be free as a bird. This is as close as you can get to owning your own aircraft in the USA. This luxury obviously comes with a cost. We call it the exclusive use charge and to have your own aircraft in the USA it will cost you $100 a day. So a week will be $700. If you rent on a weekly basis then the minimum number of hours is 7 a week. Separate insurance is required for this option. Hours are discounted in this package to the dry rates below:

Piper Archer III 180 – $115/hr dry. 

Piper Archer II 180 – $85/hr dry.

Piper Warrior 161 – $70/hr dry.

Piper Chokee 140 – $60/hr dry.


2. The Traditional School Rental Model We also have a traditional school rental system which is in line with every other rental provider. You can only get exclusive use of the aircraft if you do 3 hours a day or more and that is based on a wet rental rate. If you buy fuel else where you must buy the fuel and pay the cost of the fuel above our base rate. So if it is $4 a gallon else where and we only charge $3 a gallon, you must pay the extra dollar. This will be settled at the end of your rental. If you want the aircraft for a week with exclusive use then you must pay 21 hours wet even if you do not use the hours. We will not book the aircraft out for you and it will be on a traditional flight school ad hock basis if the aircraft are available. Separate insurance is not required for this option but you are limited to which aircraft are available.

So you can see there are big advantages to going for the holiday rate if it is your intention to have a flying holiday. If you are just looking for a bit of local wet rental then option two is best.

Piper Warrior 161 – $130/hr wet

Piper Chokee 140 – $110/hr wet

Want to take the aircraft away touring for less than 3 hours a day but keep the wet rate? No problem, Exclusive use charge $100 per day.