Join the Private Floridian Flying Club

Have you ever wanted unlimited access to your own aircraft and holiday home in Florida?


We know that renting an aircraft away from home can be an impersonal and inconvenience process. We want to provide a tailored and personal service for you to be able to easily rent an aircraft and holiday home when in Florida.


Joining Pilots’ Paradise Private Flying Club it is like owning your own villa and aircraft in Florida, with none of the maintenance or ownership hassles.

Member’s benefits:

Free aircraft check-outs in Florida
Pay as you fly - just add fuel
No minimum hours per week
10% off accommodation
Book holiday dates last minute or years in advance if you love a certain time of year

Plus all the normal Pilots Paradise benefits:

Stay down-route with your aircraft
Bahamas and other out of state trips are allowed
Access to our fantastic accommodation and aircraft
Personal family service in Europe and the USA

So why own an aircraft in Florida when you can rent ours as easily and renting a car and have none of the running costs!

For as little as $49 a month you will have access to our fleet of 6 aircraft ranging from an Archer III to a Warrior II and use of a 3 bedroom villa home with pool next to Sebastian  airfield and golf course.

Sign up to find out more and a representative will call you to talk you through what is on offer.

Don’t miss out. We only have space for 10 memberships this year for a limited period and then it will close. This is a private club with exclusive and priority access to the facilities at Pilots’ Paradise in a way they have never been offered before.

Once 10 have signed up this membership opportunity will close.