Airline Preparation Program

Remove the frustration of slow flight training progress and get through your early stages of becoming an airline pilot, quickly and cost effectively.

Complete your PPL, ICAO Instrument Rating and get as much as 50 hours PIC in 3 months.

With almost 150 hours under your belt in 3 months you will be ready to go back and take your ATPL exams, whilst finishing off your hour building and then progress to your commercial flight training back in your home country.

Our Airline Preparation Program is the quickest and most cost effective way to get you through the usual stumbling blocks of the early stages of flight training.

Flight schools are bursting at the seams with the huge demand for flight training and not helped by lack of aircraft, lack of instructors and hampered by bad weather. Our course will see you slingshot straight into the commercial phase of your training.

With the pilot job market hotter than ever, speed is of the essence. Taking 6 months or more to get your PPL, IR and hour building is not a sensible career choice as getting that first job and getting on the seniority list is what it’s all about.

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The APP is made up of different phases.

Phase 1: Simply put, get your PPL exams in the bag and an EASA medical then join us for Phase 2 of the journey. This is the meatiest part of flight training and the part that most people get stuck at and have major frustrations.

Phase 3 and 4 are traditionally slower, due to the amount of study required for the ATPL exams, so the quicker you get to that point the better.

Phase 1

Time Scale: 2 weeks.

Location: Pilots’ Paradise UK or other provider of your choice.

EASA Medical.

PPL Ground school and Exams.

Phase 2

Time Scale: 3 Months.

Location: Pilots’ Paradise Academy, Florida, USA.

PPL – 30 hours dual, 15 Hours Solo, EASA Examiner check flight.

ICAO Instrument Rating – 40 hours dual, FAA medical, FAA written test, FAA check flight.

Hour Building – as many hours as we can squeeze in between training, estimated 50 hours.

Phase 3

Time Scale: 4-6 Months.

Location: UK/Home Country.

ATPL Ground school.

ATPL Exams.

Remainder of Hour Building to get you to 100 hours PIC and 200 total ready to start the CPL.

Phase 4

CPL/Multi/IR finishing in UK/EASA airspace.