Renewal Holiday

Haven’t met the minimum flying requirements for your licence in the last 2 years?

Try our Renewal Holiday to get you back flying, renew your SEP rating and if you are an EASA licence holder, then you can also get your FAA PPL at the same time!

Revalidation Requirements Reminder
An SEP rating is valid for 2 years.

To stay current and keep your SEP rating you are required to have flown the following in the 12 months preceding the expiry date of your rating:

  • 12 hours flying (6 of which must be PIC).
  • Perform 12 take off and landings.
  • Fly 1 hour with a flight instructor (counts towards your 12 hours).


Within 3 months of your rating expiry date you must fly a proficiency check with an examiner.

If you don’t meet either of the above requirements then we have the perfect solution for you to get back flying again in as little as a couple of days.

Our Renewal Holidays are totally tailored around you and consist of as many hours instruction as you need to get you back into flying safely an confidently.

At the end of the holiday you will have a fresh SEP rating good for another two years and an FAA Bi-annual Flight Review (BFR). The BFR will open your FAA PPL if you do not have one or renew it for another two years if you do.

Contact our friendly FBO staff today to see what we can do for you.

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