The Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL) will allow you to fly SEP aircraft such as PA28 and Cessna 172 aircraft in EASA airspace.

Shave 10 hours off the requirement for a pilot licence and do it in as little as 30 hours.

Even better than that, why not get it done quickly and easily in approx. 3 weeks in the sun of Florida?

You can always convert it to a PPL with us later in 1 week!!!

The LAPL has some restrictions but will basically allow you to fly a PA28 warrior or equivalent SEP upto 2000 kg, with 3 passengers on board, in VFR and in EASA airspace. So you don’t need much more to get you flying and start your recreational flying career. It save times and money to a first licence.

It is not ICAO recognised so if you want to adventure on your own in  Florida, you will have to upgrade to a PPL when you have more time and money. This is simple enough and can be done in a week to 10 days with us in Florida. This would also be a good opportunity to add your night rating whilst you are at it.