FAA Instrument Rating (IR)

Get above that cloud and get places when you want to, not when the weather wants you to.

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This rating is the natural next step for the private pilot. You never know when you might need the ability to fly in below VFR conditions to get you out of trouble. It also allows you to use the full capability of your aircraft and go places at times when you could not have previously been able to.

Our training makes you a safer and a more complete pilot, ready to tackle the challenges that the weather throws at you.

We can offer either a fast or slower paced training option geared not only to suit your budget, but also your time availability, which can often be limited for many.

Training slots can be arranged ahead of time most days of the week and can take place day or night time to suit your schedule. The option exists to spread the training (and cost) over weeks or months or to complete the full course in one or more concentrated periods.

Flying hours: 40.

Time required full time: 4 weeks.

Pre-course requirements: Have a valid and current FAA PPL.