Family Holiday

All the benefits of a fantastic sunny family holiday with a bit of flying thrown in for good measure!

DSC_0946“The family loved it and I enjoyed visiting 11 new airfields, it was a truly memorable holiday.” Chris and Family.

Florida has been a premier family holiday destination for families for many years. We can provide everything you need to take advange of this fantastic destination as well as privde you with an aircraft at the same time. So take the family to the beaches, theme parks, restaurants either in a car OR in the aircraft we will hire you! The aircraft is only 5 minutes down the road at Sebastian Municipal airport and exclusively yours, so whilst the family are waking up, you could nip down the road and treat yourself to some early morning circuits.

Fit a bit of flying around a sunny holiday or take the family flying, the sky really is the limit. The family holiday home has 3 double bedrooms and is based in the pretty fishing town of Sebastian. Captain Hirmas provides boat hire and and beach dining only 10 minutes drive away and there are many other restaurants to choose from locally.

Beaches: 15 minutes by air or road

Theme Parks: 25 minutes by air or 1 hour 40 minutes by road

Restaurants: 10 minutes by air or 10 minutes by road

Sports field and family park: 10 minutes walk


1 week package example includes: 

  • 3 bedroom family holiday home for up to 6 people.
  • 7 hours (dry) exclusive PA-28 Warrior use (Extra hours ONLY $70/hr dry).
  • Pilot Check-out (2 of your 7 hours).
  • how to fly in the USA, Instructor brief.
  • Instructor support.
  • Access to our FBO facilities.
  • Tie Down Costs.

Separate costs

  • Fuel approx. $25-30/hr (paid en-route).
  • Insurance $330 (paid before arrival and lasts 6 months).

Additional costs

  • FAA examiner sign-off – $50 cash (if you require a new FAA licence).
  • Extra hours $70/hr dry (+ 7% local tax on extra hours outside of original package).
  • PA-28 180 Archer upgrade – $15/hr.
  • Food – Flights to USA – Hire car.

Pilot requirements

  • Hold an FAA licence (Plastic Card) OR FAA verification letter.
  • Be current on a PA-28.
  • Have a pilot check-out with our instructor (included).
  • Be insured.

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What do our customers say?

Richard and family say…

We had a fantastic time!

Andrew and Lewis – 2 families, take 2 Aircraft to the skies


We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Pilots Paradise set up to any UK pilot looking for a genuine adventure and a safe way to spread their wings over the US.  The aircraft are great, there’s plenty to see and do as you fly around Florida and the pilots and people you meet make flying in the US an exciting pleasure.  If you do nothing else during your stay you need to fly the family to Key West and no pilot would want to miss a trip into Space Coast to spend a day at the Kennedy Space Centre. Thanks Oli and team for a memorable trip.

Flight to Everglades City was a great intro to Florida flying, especially the bit where you land on Florida’s answer to Kai Tak – the FBO at Everglades Airpark, the airboat company in town and the restaurant owners, all of who gave us lifts, were fantastic.

New Smyrnah Beach was a lovely place to visit for the day – Lewis and Sal liked it so much they stayed for the night too. The FBO even gave us a car free of charge!

Highlights were definitely flying down the Shuttle Landing Facility at 100’ and the trip down the Keys to Key West.  That really was the flight of a lifetime.

Chris Carder – Red Arrows and Virgin pilot


Just thought I’d touch base to say how much we enjoyed flying 82332. The family loved it and I enjoyed visiting 11 new airfields in a part of the States that I don’t know so well. We took well over 600 photos, many of them from the air and it was a truly memorable holiday.

Martin Edwards and family


“Definitely a Pilot’s Paradise, but turned out to be a paradise for passengers as well”

“Immaculate plane and facilities”

“Definitely the best PA28 I have ever flown”

“Dream about a Pilots Paradise, then go there”

“Voted best holiday by the whole family”

“Oli, Stephen and Antonia were perfect hosts.  Assistance without interference.”

“Flying to get breakfast seems was much easier than driving”

“My daughter, Eve at 17, had just got her PPL – Pilots Paradise is the best place to build hours”

“My daughter had just got her PPL in UK, learning on PA28s.  So what better place to consider a family holiday over Christmas 2012, Pilots Paradise seemed to tick the boxes.  Oli and Stephen helped us with FAA certificate for my daughter and after a few circuits, we were all checked out on the first day.  We had the plane and accommodation for two weeks, but actually flew to Bahamas for the week over Christmas itself.  Florida is easy flying, Bahamas is even easier – a single frequency for all the “Out Islands”.  We stayed in Cat Island, but flew to lunch to many other equally nice islands.  Florida highlights included flying out for breakfast, flying to Winter Haven to sample Jack Browns Seaplane Base (you can taxi to their carpark), Centre, Everglades and lots of coast and Keys.  The whole family – including the two passengers had a fantastic holiday.” Martin & Ruth, Joe & Eve