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Take your friends or flying club buddies to Florida and go adventuring!

Bahamas Pics 10“Would we do it again? Without a doubt we would love to!” Laura, Gareth, Dan and Friends.

Share a large 3 double bedroom house in Sebastian which is just a few minutes drive to Sebastian Municipal airport, where your aircraft is waiting for you at our FBO.

Now we know pilots like to fly so if you don’t want to share an aircraft we can provide up to 3 aircraft (3 x PA28 161 Warriors and a PA28 180 Archer) for your group if you wish. This allows max flexibility and ultimate exploring potential.

Captain Hirams water-side restaurant is just minutes away for great dining along with many other restaurants in the Sebastian area. All the big malls and white sandy beaches are only 20 minutes away in Vero Beach so there really is something for everyone if you have non-flyers in the group. Fly the group to the beaches or split the group for activities to suit all as required.

1 week package example includes:

  • 3 bedroom holiday home for up to 6 people.
  • 2 x Exclusive PA28 Warrior use for 7 hours dry on each aircraft (Extra hours only $70/hr dry).
  • 2 x Pilot Check-out (4 of your 14 hours).
  • How to fly in the USA Instructor brief.
  • Instructor support.
  • Access to our FBO facilities.
  • Tie Down Costs.

Separate costs

  • Fuel approx. $25-30/hr (paid en-route).
  • Insurance $330 (paid before arrival and lasts for 6 months).

Additional costs

  • FAA examiner sign-off – $50 cash (if you require a new FAA licence).
  • Extra hours $70/hr dry (+ 7% local tax on extra hours outside of original package).
  • PA-28 180 Archer upgrade – $15/hr.
  • Food – Flights to USA – Hire car.

Pilot requirements

  • Hold an FAA licence (Plastic Card) OR FAA verification letter.
  • Be current on a PA-28.
  • Be insured.
  • Have a check out with our instructor (included).

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