Flying Holidays

Rather than a Fly-Drive holiday in the USA, why not have a Fly-Fly holiday with us?

We’ve made renting an aircraft from our Florida base as simple as renting a car, with exclusive aircraft use and no limit on hours you can fly, this is the perfect holiday for family or friends.

Our holiday rental model is a fixed $2,300 a week (Monday to Monday) for exclusive aircraft use of an PA28 which includes 10 hours of dry flying, so pay for fuel separately as you go and fill up where you like. No sharing or booking out, it’s all yours. If you want to do more than 10 hours in the week, it is only $125 per hour (dry). The check ride (up to 2 hours of instructor time) and insurance is included in the package and you will need to have an FAA Private Pilot Certificate in hand.

Enjoy absolute freedom as you visit hundreds of fly-in destinations all over Florida with your very own aircraft to use. Fly to breakfast and dinner, fly to the Mall, fly to the pilot shops, fly to the theme parks and to the beaches. Stay locally or stay down route, it’s up to you! 

Fly everywhere. After all, this is pilot’s paradise. Check out our Keys route for inspiration. Or check out the Aviator’s Guide to FloridaTalk to our staff about your plans as we may require certain experience levels and special permissions for certain destinations.

See what our previous customers said and what they did on their holidays.

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This is the dream. Pilot’s who want to get away from it all and use their PPL to their heart’s content look no further. Enjoy all Florida has to offer and travel to exotic destinations in your own exclusive use aircraft. No sign outs, no sharing: just you, the keys to the aircraft and your imagination.

We’ll make sure you’re comfortable flying in USA airspace courtesy of our world-class instructors, who will take you through everything you need to know to get around in safety and style. After that, it’s up to you. With as much or as little support as you require, we’re here to help to have the holiday of a lifetime, whilst having the sense of achievement of building precious hours in your logbook.

Phil Crozier

What is a dream for most European pilots is very much a reality at “Pilots Paradise” in Florida. With your own plane ready to hand, is very much more than a dream.

At Pilot’s Paradise, we pride ourselves on making sure the aircraft is all yours. No sharing, no booking out, no worries. It’s a perfect fit for an adventurous couple who want to do things at their pace. Whether one or both of you are a pilot, having your own plane to see the sights and set out on whatever adventure you choose is a must for any spontaneous couple.

Use your aircraft like a hire car to fly to the beaches, fly-in restaurants and Florida Attractions. There is so much to do for the non-flyer too with beaches, a golf resorts, shopping and fine dining all in Sebastian and Vero Beach which. So take your loved one on a magnificent adventure or explore Florida as a flying team, and together you can find your piece of paradise.


What an amazing experience renting a plane from Pilots Paradise – N8441H Piper Archer took my fiance and myself across USA from Fort Pierce to El Paso Texas, up to Sedona Arizona and back through San Antonio, New Orleans, Pensacola and St Augustine.
Anna and Rohan.

Fly your loved ones to stunning locations all over the Treasure coast and let them marvel at the sights and be thrilled by Florida’s amazing attractions. Florida is a premier holiday destination for all the family, and there is no better way to take advantage of this fantastic destination than with your own aircraft.  We’ll provide everything you need so you can relax and treat your family to the beaches, theme parks, restaurants and most of all, the skies!

Whilst your family are getting ready for their day in the sun, why not treat yourself to some early morning circuits. So whether you want a family holiday with a bit of flying for good measure, or you want to take your family to the skies and show them how beautiful the world is from above – the choice is yours. Have the holiday you want.

Captain Hiram’s provides boat hire and and beach dining a short ten minute drive away so you can enjoy endless stretches of white sandy beaches to the full. The perfect way to unwind after a day in the sky. If this sounds like the unique getaway you and your loved ones have been searching for, then contact us with your needs and we’ll build you the perfect family adventure!


The family loved it and I enjoyed visiting 11 new airfields, it was a truly memorable holiday.” Chris and Family.

Where do I fly? Everywhere!

Enjoy the romance of The Bahamas

Freeport Airport

Estimated Flight Time: 1.2 Hours

Visit the Kennedy Space Center


Estimated Flight Time: 0.7 Hours

Ride on the beach with the locals

Daytona or Ormond Beach Airport

Estimated Flight Time: 1.3 Hours

Fly low level over South Beach


Estimated Flight Time: 1.5 Hours

Land in the Everglades for some airboating

Everglades Airfield

Estimated Flight Time: 1.4 Hours

Touch down in the Florida Keys for cocktails

Key West or Marathon

Estimated Flight Time: 2.5 Hours

Soar over the Appalachians

Andrews Airport

Estimated Flight Time: 4 Hours

Explore The Big Apple

New York

Estimated Flight Time: 7 Hours

Feast on the Falls

Niagra Falls International Airport

Estimated Flight Time: 9 Hours

Exclusive use of PA28 aircraft for your stay. No sharing or booking out, it's all yours!
No lower or upper limit on hours per week, just fill up with fuel and fly.
Full access to our flying club at Sebastian Airport, Florida.
EASA/ICAO to FAA licence conversion for less than $150.
The best aviation weather you can get.

What’s the Florida Weather like? Find out here.