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Do you want to build hours towards your CPL whilst having an adventure of a lifetime?

Join us in the Florida sun for the fastest, most enjoyable and most effective way of building your hours.  Just you, the plane, and the perfect conditions to get the hours you need and the holiday you want. 

Get quality flying hours in the ideal conditions. Our EASA and FAA trained instructors are here to support you so you are prepared for your CPL.  We’ll support you with regular briefs about where to fly, how to get there, top tips for navigating USA airspace and a flight review for your logbook, so that you can focus on what really matters: the flying.

The great thing about Pilots Paradise and Florida is the continuity of the weather and instructors on hand to talk you through and advise on the best places to visit. You can enjoy building your hours and getting the training you need. We’ve made the EASA to FAA conversion easy: sign up now to get all the information on how to complete the process hassle-free.

With a concentrated focus on flying, you can top upwards of 25 PIC hours a week. There is a mix of challenging, varied and fun routes to test you and get you ready for your CPL exam. Knowing each hour gained in the sky is also one towards a stunning destination, whatever your route.

With our dual trained EASA and FAA qualified instructors, you are in safe hands. Their mission is to complete your FAA Bi-annual Flight Review (BFR) to the standard required and help you make the transition from PPL to CPL. You won’t just get the hours and the training, but also the confidence to fly in the USA as a PIC, all while enjoying the beauty of Florida and the attractions it has to offer.

$130/hr wet, insured and including taxes. 

$250/week for accommodation. 

raf“It had been a dream of mine to be able to one day tour Florida in my own aircraft, a dream that was made possible by Pilots Paradise.” Raf.

Our Hours Builder’s have gone on to fly for British Airways, Jet2, Flybe, Bristow and others.

So if you would like to build your hours in the Florida sun with great flying continuity and EASA instructor support, contact us now at flying@pilots-paradise.com to take the first step to discovering Pilots Paradise or submit an enquiry form below with your requirements. 

50 hour package with accommodation for 2 weeks and check flight = $7200

100 hour package with accommodation for 4 weeks and check flight = $14,200

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