Meet the Team

Oliver Fisher

Oliver Fisher joined the RAF at 18 years old and flew the VC10 in many operations and to many destinations around the world including; Iraq, Afghanistan, the Falkland Islands, the USA and Europe. After tours as an instructor and Officer Commanding 1 Air Experience Flight, Oliver finished his RAF career as a Chief Flying Instructor on the Grop Tutor. Oliver now flies the Airbus 320 as a part time First Officer for British Airways spanning the Atlantic between Pilots Paradise USA (Florida) and Pilots Paradise UK (Gloucester).

Oliver started ‘Pilots Paradise’ in 2009 due to the liberating experience of GA flying in the USA which pulled on his passion for aviation. It reminded him why he became a pilot in the first place and he wanted to make USA adventure flying accessable to every GA pilot.

Stephen Fisher

Stephen Fisher Profile pic

Stephen Fisher has over 21,000 hours flying, 14,000 of which are instruction, so there is not much he doesn’t know about flight training. He is one of the very few CAA Flight Instructor Examiners and has also flown the 737-800 for Miami Air amassing airline operational experience.

Tony Pool

Tony started flying in 1988 and is an FAA Chief Pilot as well as an EASA instructor. He has flown to almost all of Florida’s airports during his very own flying holidays with his wife, Carole, over the last 10 years. Tony: “Its fair to say, I probably have done more private flying in Florida than I have in the UK and Europe. To all our customers that are coming over to fly in Florida, I know where to go and the airfields to avoid.”

Pilots Paradise’ are delighted to have Tony’s wealth of experience and knowledge that our customers always enjoy tapping into. His friendly and enthusiastic approach to flying always puts our customers at ease and his professionalism when carrying out check-rides, ensures that everyone gets the most out of their flying.

Carole Pool

Carole keeps everything running and is the queen of our operations and scheduling. She uses her years of experience running a post office in a previous life, to keep everything in neat order around the office and the sweet shop fully stocked.

The Maintenance Crew – Simon, Josh, Clyde and Al. (Left to right)

These boys keep us in the air! They have also lost their shavers, if you find them, please let us know.