Pilot Check-out

Flying in the USA is simple and we will show you how.

The check-out

On the Saturday of your arrival we will show you to your accommodation, let you settle down for the night then carry out the check-out the following day. Our aim is to make sure you are totally comfortable with flying in the USA, before you set off on your adventures. Our very experienced instructors will give you a check-out for up to 2 hours which will also count as an FAA licence validation flight and BFR.

Your check-out will be conducted from our Sebastian Municipal Airport Office, where you also have full access to the FBO throughout your stay and use of the facilities. Once the check-out is complete, the aircraft, and the skies, are yours.


Please be aware that we are not a flight school and do not provide instructed flying as part of a recognised pilot course. We are a holiday provider giving pilot assistance or check-rides to qualified pilots to allow them to fly our aircraft.

Our Offices – Sebastian Municipal Airport
You will have full access to our office facilities at Sebastian Municipal Airport if you wish to use them. The Facilities there include; the reception and lounge area, kitchen with coffee, our offices which you may use for planning.