FAA Private Pilot Licence

Our goal is to offer affordability, flexibility and the highest quality training in a relaxed atmosphere. Programs and costs vary depending on several factors; some of which, inevitably, involve your own commitment and desires as well as your skill level and ability to learn. Prices start as low as $8,000 assuming you have no previous flying experience.

Choose from accelerated or slower paced training and always keep in mind, you can change your mind at any time. Our professionals will help you all the way to ensure the most rewarding and enjoyable experience whatever option you choose – guaranteed!

Pilots Paradise has built a business and earned its outstanding reputation for quality and service by bringing the passion and desire back for qualified pilots from all over the World who book with us their unique flying holiday experience – so why not train for your license with us? – here in Paradise.

Call us or email us, we will be delighted to give you all the information, options and detail you need, better still, book a trial lesson to see if you like it, prices start at just $60.

For all your FAA Commercial and European Flight Training needs go to European Flight Training & Aviator College based in Ft Pierce, Florida. The schools hold approval for both FAA & European (EASA) Training Courses, offering a wide range of programs specifically geared to the ab-initio student seeking a career in flying as a professional pilot.