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Here are just some of the spectacular destinations you can fly to in Pilots Paradise.

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Want to fly to the Bahamas?

Well we are one of the few aircraft rental companies that will allow you take our aircraft to the Bahamas after a satisfactory check-out.

Visit: http://www.bahamas.com/private-flying

Enjoy the romance of The Bahamas

Freeport Airport

Estimated Flight Time: 1.2 Hours

Visit the Kennedy Space Center


Estimated Flight Time: 0.7 Hours

Ride on the beach with the locals

Daytona or Ormond Beach Airport

Estimated Flight Time: 1.3 Hours

Fly low level over South Beach


Estimated Flight Time: 1.5 Hours

Land in the Everglades for some airboating

Everglades Airfield

Estimated Flight Time: 1.4 Hours

Touch down in the Florida Keys for cocktails

Key West or Marathon

Estimated Flight Time: 2.5 Hours

Soar over the Appalachians

Andrews Airport

Estimated Flight Time: 4 Hours

Explore The Big Apple

New York

Estimated Flight Time: 7 Hours

Feast on the Falls

Niagra Falls International Airport

Estimated Flight Time: 9 Hours


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